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Gwendolyn's House - Elizabethton TN Real Haunts

  • 199 Kuhn Rd.
  • Elizabethton, TN
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Gwendolyn's House was built in the early 1900's and is haunted by the ghost of a woman in white, who has been seen standing at the windows, looking out across the valley. The spirit of a black dog has also been seen running throughout the hallways of the home and in the basement. An entity who is said to be aggressive, has also been reported inside the house, and screams at people who enter.
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  • Paranormal Investigation

    My group would like to do a paranormal investigation at this house

    Posted 5/10/24

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  • Definitely haunted

    I have been to this property many times in the past. It was a great experience being a teenager in the 90’s and being able to explore this house. We definitely heard strange noises and the house seemed to make you have feelings of anger and despair. There was mail inside from a son to his family and we never could figure out the story of what happened that lead the house to be abandoned. The barn behind it gave off the same feelings. You could water running from somewhere downstairs. There are three levels and you enter on the middle floor. Amazing experience in what was once probably a beautiful home.

    Posted 5/29/23

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  • *Beware*

    I did not visit the Gwendolyn's house but I personally know someone who did, during the summer of 2022. In fact, I'm pretty sure they are the same person that made the longest comment on this post. I didn't know what was going on until she texted me and told me. She told me her, her father and a friend was going up their to investigate it and just look around. She does this all the time and I didn't think she was in any trouble until she told me she was walking up to that house. As she was walking she told me she kept having weird feelings and something kept drawing her to that house , specifically the area that isn't burned down and still stands today. She told me that she didn't like the energy that was surrounding her from that area it was drawing her to. It drew her to the only part of the house that still stands and that is the foundation/ basement of the home it actually has stairs in it too, which just makes it more creepy. She explained to me how their was a house that used to be there but she didn't know why she was walking to this area. She also told me she didn't recall any of this and she didn't she was texting me the whole time. She did tell me one thing that really scared her. She told me she seen an entity. She also told me it's name in which i will not repeat. It does start with an "A". She told me this entity was talking to her saying its name over and over again. I wouldn't be so concerned if i wasn't with my boyfriend at the time and he told me he had a friend back in high school that about died because he was foaming out of the mouth saying the same entity's name. i even went as far as to look up the name of the entity that she seen and her description matched the appearance on google images. Also, this was a woman who wasn't terrified of anything but when she called me screaming and yelling because she was so scared it's very concerning. This location is NOT a ghost attraction, it is a very dangerous entity and you should do more research about this place or any other places you decide to go "ghost hunting" at because it can lead to more dangerous things. I think rituals have been done here also which can explain all the word graffiti written on the walls in words you can't pronounce. Do not read off words off the walls and it's very dangerous as well.

    Posted 1/11/23

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  • Be careful if you visit this place

    Hi guys ! So I’m into a bit of self paranormal investigating and this place was high on my list to investigate. I am also very sensitive and have seen things since I was just a kid and it’s very easy for me to pick up on energy that’s around. Upon entering the property everything felt fine, and I walked around in the abandoned house that is lower from the original property. When we started to head up the woods to where the house was (unfortunately it has burned down) I got an awful feeling and I knew something negative was near . It was night time and we had no intentions of going up to the burned ruins because it was especially dark and foggy, when we neared closer to the property I started to want to go all the way up there more and more as if something was drawing me. I started to get and angry and saying I needed to go up there and unfortunately have no recollection of this until my friends told me how strangely I was acting. I in fact did not clearly need to go and My friends eventually made me leave but something absolutely had a grasp on me and wanted me to go up there and I was without reason to myself, enraged I couldn’t go. This place is definitely haunted but it’s more of a negative energy. It’s a highly active place but I would suggest you go here with caution. I’m not sure what would have happened if I went up there to the ruins…

    Posted 10/5/22

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  • 3am

    House was gone, some parts remain. Very creepy noises. You can tell you’re not alone here.

    Posted 4/24/18

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  • 3am drive

    just drove by at 3am flash of light above the house and the car smelled funny. we thought it was the oil but when we left it was fine

    Posted 11/30/16

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