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Tennessee's Most Haunted Restaurants & Bars - Enjoy a Dinner with the Dearly Departed at These Haunted Hangouts!

Unlike many of ##Region##'s Most Haunted Locales that are closed to the public, ##Region##'s Haunted Restaurants and Bars are open for business, and welcome haunt seekers to enjoy a meal among the ghosts and ghouls who have chosen to hang around their favorite local haunt indefinitely. Many of ##Region##'s Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Eateries have been icons of the community for ages, making them an unsurprising destination for ##Region##'s departed residents. Check out the list below to find out more about the most haunted restaurants, bars, taverns, diners, and other eateries across ##Region##, but be prepared for some unexpected, unworldly company as you dine!
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    Located in the historic Baker Peters House on Kingston Pike, Finn’s is the only authentic Irish restaurant in Knoxville. Although Finn’s is a recent addition to the city’s dining scene, the building it resides in dates back to 1830. The two-story antebellum home is rumored to have some spirits that like to linger and make themselves known. Paranormal activity reports at this restaurant... Read More

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